- Implementation of the "Land Certification" component of the Burundi Landscape Restoration and Resilience Project (PRRPB) financed by the World Bank (ongoing for a period of 26 months). Through this project, LADEC provides support to communes for the institutional set-up and operation of communal land services, with particular emphasis on support for the systematic securing men of and women's land rights, an approach known as "grouped operations recognition " (OGR). LADEC produces land documents through, SIF-Système d’Information foncière (land digitisation).

- Implementation of  a project named "Prevention and Resolution of Land Conflicts" , co-financed by LADEC and the Swiss Cooperation, in the provinces of Ngozi and Kayanza (currently being implemented for a period of three years). Within the framework of this project, LADEC collaborated with the Supreme Court to set up land jurisprudence in Burundi, with the aim of promoting women's land rights (2022).

- Study on land taxation in Bujumbura City town and in the urban cities of Gitega and Ngozi (2018);

- Evaluation of the state of implementation of the Land Policy Letter adopted in April 2010, nine years after its adoption (2018);

- Baseline study of the 'Prevention and Resolution of Land Conflicts' project, carried out on behalf of the Swiss Cooperation (2020);

- Study on the villagisation policy in Burundi, carried out in collaboration with Edinburgh University/Scotland (2021)

N°4, RN 15, Ngozi-Burundi

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