Our History

The idea for the creation of LADEC came from a team of experts who implemented a Swiss Cooperation land project for about ten years.

This project provided technical and financial support for the establishment and operation of six communal land services in the Ngozi province . Achieved results were very satisfactory.

Indeed, thanks to the individual/isolated and systematic approaches (OGR), more than 40% of land rights in the intervention area have been secured. In addition, approximately 70% of land conflicts were peacefully resolved by community structures during land recognition processes.

This process of securing and managing conflicts was transparent, participatory and adversarial, and this contributed significantly to the reduction of conflicts in the area. Community recognition of land rights was strengthened by mapping different land statuses over an area covering 42% of the intervention area.

In addition, land users who wished to do so were able to access microcredit by pledging land certificates to financial institutions.

Thanks to the numerous studies conducted or commissioned by this project, the team has deepened its understanding of the complexity of the issues surrounding decentralized land management. These include issues related to ownership and sustainability of communal land services, delimitation of hill and swamp lands, management of mutations on certified or recognized rights, taking into consideration women's land rights in the land certification process, and the perception of land security by land users. The Project ended in 2017.

With the encouragement of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Burundi, the former team that was piloting the Land Project wanted to capitalize on the acquired rich experience, skills and expertise to put them to the benefit of communities and development actors, both public and private at the national, regional and international level. It is therefore within this framework that it founded LADEC.

LADEC was formed on April 12, 2017 by former employees of the Swiss Cooperation Land Project and expanded to other individuals with proven expertise in the domain of land, governance and development. On May 12, 2017, LADEC was registered in the Registre de commerce under the No. 09059. Established in Ngozi where its headquarters is located, the center is operational since January 1, 2018.

LADEC has at its disposal the tools for its operation and management. These are the statutes, the internal regulations and the administrative, financial and accounting procedures manual.

 LADEC has already defined its vision, objectives, area of intervention, area of action and action plan for 5 years from 2018.

N°4, RN 15, Ngozi-Burundi landexperts@ladec.bi

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